The Randian Hero

My interpretation of a Randian Hero is a person that practises total honesty; when and if a he discovers he is in error he does not leave it uncorrected. He or she is a man or woman who lives by the virtues drawn out by Ayn Rand: honesty, rationality, integrity, independence, justice, productiveness and benevolence. A Randian Hero does not live for others, nor does he or she ask others to live for him or her. Such a hero holds three primary values as essential: purpose, reason and self-esteem.

This is essentially different from the model of heroism that depends self sacrifice, the needy and the weak. A Randian Hero is not a servant of the people. This contradicts the generally accepted concept of a hero. A Randian Hero does not seek or grant favors, nor is he or she concerned with charity and he gives only to those who deserve and noone else. The primary value is happiness, and he or she is not afraid or ashamed to pursuit it.

The Randian Hero is an open minded person with no drive to put others down and no need to assert himself or herself. Fear of what others might think is an unknown rescriction that won’t even cross his or her mind. The Randian Hero feels no need to boast, lie or deceive because he does not seek approval of others and is never afraid of what they may or may not say.

Less expected characteristics of a Randian Hero include humbleness, knowing your limits and self acceptance. A more modern term for this could be The Modern Alpha Male as defined by DCS Inc. The modern Randian Hero (as opposed to Ayn Rand’s hero) also acknowledges our basic drives as they were designed by evolution and sexual selection, but he or she lives a life characterized by an abundance mindset where there is no need for jealousy, pettiness or to control or dominate others.

And having a jaw line like an anvil doesn’t hurt 😉

Thanks to Randall from whom I copied parts of the definition.